sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2009

The Search for Optimal Diets: A Progress Report

Walter Willett, MD, MPH, a Wisconsin native, is chairman of the department of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. He has published more than 1,000 research articles, primarily on lifestyle risk factors for heart disease and cancer, and has written the textbook, Nutritional Epidemiology, published by Oxford University Press.

Walter Willett speaks on "The Search for Optimal Diets" at the Health Sciences Learning Center on May 9, 2007.

Muito bom; de vez em quando torna-se bastante técnico mas dá para entender as importantes mensagens... Também é o autor do livro a que se refere a minha fotografia do perfil: Eat, Drink and be Healthy ("Coma, Beba e Seja Saudável" da editora Campos).


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